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Year of Census ExtractSurname of ApplicantChristian name of ApplicantApplicant's present addressSurname of FatherChristian name of FatherMaiden Surname of MotherChristian name of MotherResidence Location - CountyResidence Location - BaronyResidence Location - ParishResidence Location - TownlandResidence Location - City
1851CollinsMartinRev J J Hayes, The Presbytery, Houghton-Le-Spring R S O, Co DurhamCollinsPatrickKingBridgetGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus Beg, Aughrus More-
1851CoohillBridgetMiss A Mulkern, Claddaghduff, Clifden, Co GalwayCoohillEddyHeffernanBridgetGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus Beg, Aughrus More-
1851MurphyGeorgeMessrs R J Connolly & Sons, Solicitors, Clifden, Co GalwayMurphyNedKingMaryGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus Beg, Aughrus More-
1851DavisMaryRev Joseph Higgins, St Laurences, Carnock St, GreenockDavisJohnLaceyAnneGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus More-
1851MurphyGeorgeTamnaghmore, Recess, Co GalwayMurphyNedKingMaryGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus MoreCladdaghduff
1851ConeysGeorgeMiss A Mulkern, Claddaghduff, Clifden, Co GalwayConeysTom-MaryGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus Beg-
1851HanlyPatMiss A Mulkern, Claddaghduff, Clifden, Co GalwayHanlyJamesNeeBridgetGalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrus Beg-
1851Murphy------GalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrim More-
1851Coohill------GalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrim Beg, Aughrim More-
1851David------GalwayBallynahinchOmeyAughrim Beg, Aughrim More-
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